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  •   Environmental Policy  

Environmental Policy

At Ephron-Mandel & Howard, L.L.P., we are committed to conducting our business in ways that reflect our commitment to environmental accountability and to the responsible stewardship of our world’s natural resources.  In order to effectuate this policy in our day-to-day activities and operations, we have established a clear set of programs and practices to reduce our environmental impact.

  • Maximize resource usage and prevent pollution in all stages of business operations.
  • Minimize the creation of waste and recycle materials whenever possible.  Waste that cannot be eliminated, reduced, reused or recycled will be disposed through safe and environmentally responsible methods.
  • Identify significant environmental impacts and establish objectives and targets for improvement.
  • Monitor activities and operations to ensure compliance with our environmental policy.
  • Promote sound environmental practices within our industry by sharing our experience and practices with others.
  • Ensure all employees are made accountable for our policy goals through education on our environmental policy and objectives.
  • Encourage all employees to be proactive in the maintenance and improvement of our environmental policy and practices.
  • Review this policy annually to ensure its continuing effectiveness.